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Do you need a BEE Certificate for your Business? Or do you maybe know about a friend who needs one? At iMpact Initiatives we offer business registrations and compliance including a Level 1 BEE Certificates within 1 hour. BEE Certificates are required for most Tenders and Contracts.

What are the advantages of a BEE certificate?

(1) LEVEL #1 – if your business is 100% black owned (SA citizens), you qualify for a Level 1 BEE Certificate – the best BEE level available. (If your business is 100% white owned, you qualify for a Level 4 certificate – level 4 is within the top 50% of all BEE levels)

(2) Get Tenders & Contracts - Once your company is BEE compliant, you have the advantage over non-compliant companies when applying for Tenders and Contracts (If your Tender or Contract requests a BEE certificate).

(3) Funding - Government and larger companies tend to invest in smaller BEE compliant companies.

(4) Business Growth - A BEE Certificate is useful to use in your marketing material, to attract new business opportunities.

For More information please contact our friendly Business Consultant.

Need any help? Contact Us

Need any help? Contact Us

Get your BEE within an hour