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The Business Corner is now a division of iMpact Initiatives (PTY) Ltd. we are glad to announce that The Business Corner has been sold to us, this simple means, all services and including clients who were serviced by The Business Corner will now be serviced by iMpact Initiatives. we hope that our decision as management will not inconvenient you

Our Business Support!

With a lot of experience in business development, personal coaching and project management, we have the industry understanding, insight, technical resources and experts, as well as an energetic team to develop your business significantly. When you work with us, it’s all about results. Achieving results means focusing on generating opportunities with right clients and decision makers, rather than simply the quantity of meetings we can set up for you.  It’s not all about creds or pitches, it’s about establishing a relationship and engaging with the right decision makers. Aligning yourself to their business challenges and opportunities – and keeping top of mind until they are ready to appoint someone new.

We use precision timing:

To win the attention – and the business – of your prospects, timing is critical. Where possible, we get you in front of a potential client when they’re reviewing their existing arrangements, or when a brief is available. Right place, right time. We find out who your prospects are working with, when they review and what projects are in the pipeline. Over time, we build a detailed view of your target market and the potential opportunities – so we know exactly who to contact, when and how.

We Build Relationships:

New business takes time and it is important to build and cultivate relationships with relevant decision makers and influencers.  At iMpact Initiatives, we use a wide range of channels to always keep you top of mind. This means doing more than just calling every few months to see if things have changed. Our keep-iN-touch programme could include thought leadership, industry research and commentary, or awards and recent wins. Or perhaps an invitation to your speaker slot, a hosted event, or simply keeping prospects up to date with any of your work that’s relevant to them. We manage these relationships through our tailored business development system, ensuring we contact prospects when agreed, and at key review times.

We convert opportunities:

Other business development agencies focus simply on booking appointments. But we know our job doesn’t finish there. We make sure your meetings are as productive as possible, and we run workshops to help you fine tune the way you approach and structure them. We also offer coaching to ensure you make the most of each face-to-face opportunity with your prospects. Of course, not all contracts are won after just one meeting. Often they’re more complex, involving additional decision makers. Clinching some deals can be a lengthy process, and we respond to this by managing your contacts closely, setting up further meetings, following up proposals and maintaining dialogue until the brief lands.

Internship Business Development

“We Turn Business Possibilities into Reality”. For entrepreneurs, turning a passion into a business is the ultimate dream. But that dream doesn't come easily. It's hard work and there are challenges around every corner. Fortunately entrepreneurs don't have to go through it alone.

Start and develop your business with a little help from us, contact our friendly consultant to get your business solution.